We make this quick pasta dish quite frequently in the summer. It’s lovely to eat on the patio and so easy. It tastes like a lighter and fresher fettucini alfredo (without the dairy, of course). I highly recommend this recipe, and I found it on one of my favorite blogs,  I double her recipe and make a box of pasta.  I use half the garlic.  It’s raw and can be pretty intense, so I recommend starting with half then adding to your taste.  I also skip the lemon zest as there is plenty of lemon in the dish for me, but give it a try and find your favorite way to serve it this summer!

I usually have leftovers for two lunches, and we eat them at room temperature (reheating will not work due to the avocado).  I have used organic quinoa pasta, spelt pasta, and whole wheat with this dish.  All are delicious with it.  Pick your favorite pasta and go to town!

Another plus to this dish is that it contains avocado. Avocados are a great source of potassium and fiber.  They contain folate which helps to prevent stroke and birth defects.  Avocados assist in regulating  blood sugar levels and they can ward off cancer with their oleic acid content.  Hungry for more info on avocados and why you should be eating them on the reg ?  Check it out here.