Fed Up…coming soon!

Check out the official trailer for the latest food documentary, Fed Up, that is coming soon to theaters.  Obesity is a public health crisis with over 30% of the US population being classified as obese.  The government plays a large role in this issue because of the subsidies given to corn, wheat, and soy that make up the majority of packaged and processed food.  Need proof?  Just look at the actual ingredients in any packaged product next time you are in a grocery store.

Processed food is much more prevalent and cheaper than fresh, healthy foods mostly due to these subsidies.  Thus finding quality food has become a challenge for many of us as many people have very little access to it and very little knowledge to do so.  The good news is that the internet can fuel the knowledge and shopping piece of this for us all if we do our homework.  Even better?  Blogs like mine can help you steer into your healthy direction one step at a time.

Want to watch something now to learn more? I recommend for starters, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., and Supersize Me. All address the industrialized food crisis and should be available on Netflix, Amazon, or however you are getting your media today.