Evaluating the Cruel Factor

I’ve mentioned the horrors of industrialized food and animals in many of my past posts.  Here’s a quick Top Five Cruelest Vegetarian Ingredients from One Green Planet that you should try to avoid and/or source from responsible companies.

All too often, this type of information is brushed under the rug so that we don’t have to take responsibility for what our latest meals have gone through to get on our plates.  The cruel factor is all the more reason to know where your food comes from.

After all, who wants to torture a bird just so that we can wolf down an omelet with some cheese or dye a couple of eggs this time of year?  Here are some alternatives to traditional Easter Egg Dying.  Your best bet for eggs is to check out a local farms.  You can even visit them to make sure that all is well with the animal treatment practices.

We’ll all make our own decisions and for each one of us, it’s different.  And that’s ok; that’s what makes us unique.  But in order to make these decisions, we should be informed.