Beef Recall…enough is enough.



The horror story that is the American Industrialized food system continues…

The recent 8.7M pound beef recall from Rancho Feeding in an example of why it truly makes sense to know where your food comes from; especially animal protein, if you make the choice to keep it in your diet. Buying from local responsible farms reduces your risk of consuming tainted products.  Rancho ‘processed’ diseased and unhealthy animals for human consumption. This mishap is not a rarity in the meat processing industry and a risk that you take when buying meat from industrialized food giants such as Rancho Feeding and Tyson.  It is unknown where this meat was distributed at this time, and the story will continue to unfold.  I do hope that this story will help expose some of the dirty secrets of the meat industry that many feel are just sad one-off instances so that the thousands of cattle who were part of this recall did not die for nothing. Sadly, we slaughter so many animals in the US that it’s truly impossible to regulate the practices of the industrial food farms and many people take this risk on a daily basis.