Do you Chia?

If you aren’t Chia-ing all ready, I want to suggest that you incorporate Chia seeds into your diet.  They are packed with protein, fiber, and non-fish Omega 3s.  (Note:  non-fish sources of Omega 3s are important as they do not contain mercury that is concentrated in many fish-based Omega 3 supplements.)  Chia contains more calcium than milk, more potassium than a banana, and more iron than spinach.  It can also help stabilize blood sugar levels, boosts energy, and helps you feel full longer.

Chia is an ancient Mayan grain that is considered a superfood.  I add Chia to oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, salads, and more.  Chia seeds have very little flavor but become a bit gelatinous/chewy when mixed with a liquid.  Chia is a super easy way to add a boost of nutrients to your diet.

Are you convinced yet?  I recommend Nutiva Chia seeds as they are organic, priced well, and easy to find.

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I like to mix approximately 2 TBSPs  of Chia with 1/2 Cup (rinsed) steel cut oats, a diced fresh or frozen fruit, 1 TBSP of hemp seeds, 1/2 TBP cacao powder, and then shake.  I then fill the mason jar with water until it reaches the top of the mixture then  top it all of  with home made cashew milk in the morning.  I make this in the evening as a quick refrigerator breakfast to take to work in the morning after I add the milk.  This is an easy grab and go breakfast in the AM for those who don’t have time to make breakfast (and who does, really?). Try your variation of this with what you have on hand and get creative with it! Let me know how it goes! 

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