Community Supported Agriculture

My summer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) registration opened today at Clarion River Organics, and you better believe that I signed up right away.  I love supporting local, organic farming for so many reasons.   For one, it reduces the carbon footprint of my food.  Did you catch the video I posted on 12/23 that talks about your Fo(odometer)?  If not, this would make a great time to check it out. Food just tastes better when it’s fresh, and produce contains more nutrients when it’s just picked.  Also, participating in the CSA has opened me up to trying many new produce options that I may have shied away from before.  I credit it with broadening my palate, helping me get more creative in the kitchen, and I look forward to seeing what this year brings.

With each food purchase you make, you are voting for the type of system that you want to live in.  I vote for local, organic, and sustainable agriculture as much as possible.  Each week, I get a fresh share of fruits, veggies, grains, and/or a canned good or two from local farms.  It’s truly a delight!

If you have any questions about CSA program or general or want some help finding one in your area, I’d be happy to help!