I had been plagued with a cold for a few days and decided to take matters into my own slow cooker.  I came up with this soup early in the week and was feeling pretty good by end of week after eating it every day and laying off the drugstore cold/flu medications.  It’s pretty cool to see the body do what it’s meant to do (heal) without interfering.

All of the ingredients in this soup have medicinal properties.  The flavor is a bit like an asian sour soup due to the vinegar.  If you are leery of the flavor; use half the vinegar and taste once it has cooked, then add more to your taste.  Actually, you can use the measurements below as a jumping off point for your own, personal soup that meets your tastes by adding more or less of any of them.

As you’re consuming the soup over the next day or two, when you need more broth, feel free to add water to create more broth.  Tip:  Be sure to chew the ingredients as you sip your soup to help release the medicinal properties!


3 quarts of filtered water (Reverse Osmosis is best): Water flushes your system and helps with fever control.  Reverse osmosis water does not contain fluoride, which is harmful to the body.

2 cups of dried mushrooms: Long chain polysaccharides in mushrooms benefit your immune system.

3 cloves of fresh organic garlic:  The antioxidants boost your immune system and help to treat and prevent colds.

1 chunk of ginger (about the size of your thumb):  Ginger calms your stomach, gets your digestive juices flowing and can help with sinus pressure.

1/2 organic onion:  Improves the vitamin C in your body which helps boost the immune system.

1 full head of torn kale:  Kale is high in vitamin C which we know is beneficial to the immune system.

1 organic lemon:  Lemons are alkalinizing to the body, help to neutralize free radicals, and have antibacterial properties.

2 TBSP of veggie organic veggie bouillon:  Contains phytochemicals from plants which have disease preventive properties.

1 TBSP powdered organic ginger

4 TBSP Bragg’s Aminos:  Made from non-GMO soy beans, this flavorful liquid is a staple in my kitchen (replaces tamari & soy sauce) and contains 16 amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body.

3 TBSP Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar:  The question here is more what this product DOESN’T do…for those of you who follow me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Bragg’s ACV.  It restores your body’s Ph levels, detoxifies, soothes a dry throat, and so much more.

4 caps of echinacea:  Helps protect against colds.

1 tsp raw honey:  Honey soothes a sore throat, is loaded with B vitamins, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

1 tsp organic turmeric:  Another veggiejane favorite, this wonder-herb fights cancer, detoxifies, and boosts the immune system.

2 tsp organic cayenne pepper:  Cayenne pepper loosens mucus and helps to detoxify the body.

25 twists of fresh ground black pepper:  Black pepper improves digestion and has antibacterial effects.

1 tsp of organic coconut oil: Helps the body fight disease with its antibacterial and anti fungal properties.


Use the coconut oil to oil the inside of the crockpot.

Soak the dried mushrooms in one cup of boiling hot water for at least 20 minutes after rinsing them.  Empty the mushroom broth into the crock pot for some added flavor.

Using a food processor, chop the onions, garlic, mushrooms and ginger to begin to release their medicinal properties.  Add this to the crockpot.

Wash the kale really well and remove the leaves from the stems.  You can do this by sliding your hand down the stem from the bottom to the top, and they come right off.  Tip: If you’re a smoothie fan, freeze the washed kale stems, and use them in your smoothies!  

Tear the kale leaves into tiny pieces by hand.

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze all of the juice into the crockpot.  If you love lemon like I do, you can throw the halves in the crockpot then fish them out when the soup is done.

Open the echinacea capsule and dump it into the soup.

Add all of the other ingredients and cook on low for at least 6 hours on low or 4 hours on high.  You can keep this soup going all day and help yourself.  This recipe will fill your crockpot and family.

And don’t forget the most important ingredient to getting well, which is rest.  Enjoy!