Trick or Treat?

It’s that time of year again, and I do believe in the occasional indulgence.  What’s life without a little candy in it?  This year, we are handing out Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops. These lollipops are dye-free and certified organic.  The Yummy Earth company was founded by two dads who wanted to provide their families with a better candy without the artificial stuff.  Yummy Earth candy contains all-natural ingredients, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no major allergens, such as gluten, nuts and dairy.

Food coloring and additives have been a hot button lately in the news, and there are tons of studies that link artificial food dyes to behavioral problems in toddlers and children.  These ingredients are  banned in Europe and US food companies actually omit the artificial colors for product sold in these countries, but they are allowed and kept in the US food supply.

So go ahead and indulge this Halloween, but be aware of what you are really putting into your body.  Is it a trick or really a treat?