I received a bunch of fresh apples from my in-laws a few weekends ago and talked to my mother-in-law about an apple cobbler recipe while she made a classic version for us with her mom.  I then came up with a vegan version based on her input that tasted pretty delicious and was very easy to make.


6-8 small to medium organic apples cored & cut into chunks.  Peel any brown spots, but leave skins on where you can.

1 TBSP of organic coconut oil

1 TBSP of organic vegan butter (I like organic Earth Balance).

2 TBSP of organic Coconut Palm Sugar

1/2 cup of organic Rolled Oats

2 tsp organic Cinnamon


Oil your baking dish with the coconut oil.

Place all ingredients directly into your baking dish starting with the apples then the oats, butter, coconut oil, and sugar, and cinnamon on top.  This will make for less dishes to clean in the end.

Place covered dish in oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.

After 5 minutes, pull the dish out of the oven and stir the ingredients around to coat the apples well.  If needed, do this again after another 2-3 minutes until all of the ingredients are melted and pretty evenly distributed.

Place the covered dish back into the oven and bake for 40 minutes or so stirring every once in awhile.

If the cobbler gets dry during cooking, you can add water as needed and stir.

Serve with a cinnamon sprinkle or a touch of additional coconut palm sugar once it cools if desired.