I received a bunch of fresh soybeans (edamame) from the CSA delivery last week, and I cooked them up immediately.  Edamame is an awesome snack, and I have found that the kiddos in my life love it.  Even some of my  picky eating nieces & nephews go for edamame. Edamame packs both protein & fiber and is very easy to prepare.

I also figured that this provides an opportunity for me to talk about salts.  I mostly use himalayan pink salt in my cooking because I prefer it.  The pink color is due to the iron oxide in the salt, which is a naturally occurring mineral.  Regular table salt is highly processed to eliminate the minerals and also contains anti-clumping agents.  Who needs anti-clumping agents in their diet? Sea salt is a less processed alternative to regular table salt also.


Edamame (frozen, fresh or fridge cooled works)

Himalayan Pink Salt

Ground black pepper (optional)


Boil water (enough to hold whatever amount of edamame that you have)

Add edamame (frozen, fresh, or fridge cooled)

Cook 2 minutes (no more, no less) in boiling water

Strain & lightly toss with salt & optional pepper to taste.