Healthy Alternatives to White Rice

I love the idea of a cauliflower rice, and I’m going to try this, so stay tuned!  I’ve successfully whipped up cauliflower mashed potatoes and have used it pureed as ‘sauce’ on pizza crust so this seems like a logical next step for me. This article lists some of the more healthful alternatives to white rice, particularly quinoa.  Quinoa is the most quickly cooked and healthful grain, as it packs both protein and fiber.  I have found that rinsing it well really helps with the bitterness that I have experienced in the past when working with quinoa.  You need a wire strainer like this to be able to rinse it without the grains falling through.  You can totally cook quinoa in a rice cooker and steam fresh veggies on top.  You don’t even need to watch it, and dinner is done before you know it.